CIEU & ESU BO Learning Day and National Day Observance Ceremony

On 29 August, CIEU and ESU organized a joint learning day for our branch officials (BO) where they attempted the Robotics Challenge – which comprises building and programming a robot within the span of an hour. A tedious task for the majority, young or old, who are not familiar with robotics and basic programming. We are extremely glad that all 14 teams were outstanding in their performance and they successfully accomplished the given tasks within the allocated time. Kudos to all the BOs who participated in the challenge!

An important lesson to learn from this experience is that everyone included, regardless of age, gender or profession, will continue to face new challenges everyday in this rapidly changing economy, whether we like it or not. There may be countless adversity or huge discomfort faced as we are obliged to learn new skills. Personally, we can play our role to embrace new challenges and opportunities as we continue to equip ourselves to stay relevant for the future. 

The National Day Observance Ceremony (NDOC) was conducted thereafter. All the participants sang the national anthem and recited the pledge with their heads held up high and with pride. The NDOC was subsequently followed with a medley of classic national day songs including Kit Chan’s “Home”, “We are Singapore”, “Munnaeru Vaalibaa” and many more. A heartwarming moment as we sang our hearts out in solidarity. CIEU and ESU are absolutely grateful to all our BOs who have actively participated in both the learning day and NDOC!