FAQ for ESU Member-Get-Member (MGM) Scheme

Frequently Asked Questions for the ESU MGM Scheme

1) What is the MGM scheme?

The MGM scheme is an initiative launched by ESU to for our existing members to encourage friends, family members and others to join the ESU family. The previous incentive reward has been enhanced from $10 FairPrice vouchers to $15 cash incentive for every member that you recruit into ESU. 

The only requirement to enjoy the reward is a successful deduction of 1st month of membership subscription fees for newly signed up members. 

Please look at the infographic below to understand further.

2) Who are eligible for the recruitment incentives? 

This is a scheme that is only exclusive to ESU members with ACTIVE membership status and has NO arrears. 

To find out if you are an ESU member, please download the ‘MyNTUC’ App from the Android or Apple Store. 

Once you have done so, register for an NTUC account. 

Once you have signed in, expand the silver card situated near the top of the home page in the app and you will be able to see the image below with your current union logo. This is the current union that you are a member of. 




3) Who do I recruit? How do I join ESU? 

To be eligible for the scheme, you must invite members to join ESU. 

To become an ESU member, one must be an employee from the private education sector.

The private education sector consists of the following sectors:

  1. Institutes of Higher Learning – Universities
  2. Private Education Institutes
  3. International Schools
  4. Early Childhood
  5. Student Care Centres
  6. Adult Educators/Trainers/Private Tutors

If you are working in any of the companies that are within these sectors, you will be eligible to join us as an ESU member. 


4) When is the qualifying period? 

The qualifying period is from 7 Oct 2020 to 31 March 2020. All submissions of new member details must be done by the end of 9 October 2021


5) How do I refer members to sign up? 

You may refer new applicants to sign up via the hardcopy application form or via the online link here.



6) What are the steps required after I have referred a friend?

Please remember to note down the following details when you have referred a friend to join ESU: 

  • Recruiter and Recruit’s Full Name
  • Last 4 digits of NRIC (SXXXX123A)
  • Date of Birth
  • Date of sign up by the recruit

The information is required for the purpose of verifying membership status and eligibility. 

Once you have gathered the information of the new members, please send in the details with the subject header to ESURewards@ntuc.org.sg.


7) How do I register my bank details?

After we have verified and calculated total cash incentive that you are eligible for, you will receive an email from the ESU team. For first timers, you are required to fill in a form to provide consent and bank details for us to do the crediting. Once this has been accomplished, the amount will be credited directly into your bank account. 


If you have any enquiries on the MGM scheme, feel free to contact the ESU Team at ESURewards@ntuc.org.sg.