Family Fun Fiesta @ Downtown East 2018


Take 5 Steps to enjoy a day of fun at Downtown East with your family, all at no cost.

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Step 1

Check that you meet the eligibility criteria.

a) Total Monthly Gross Household Income of $4,000 and below;

OR Per captia Income of $1,000 and below if gross household income exceeds $4,000.

b) ESU member# not in arrears of membership dues.


# General Branch union members can contact NTUC Member Services Centre to apply. Go to



Step 2

Select one out of five runs listed in the table below.



19th April 2018

1st Run:    01 July 2018, Sunday
2nd Run:   17 November 2018, Saturday
3rd Run:   18 November 2018, Sunday
4th Run:    03 December 2018, Monday
5th Run:    04 December 2018, Tuesday



Step 3

Download the application form here.

Complete the application form and enclose your supporting documents.

Together with the application form, please enclose either:


a)If you are employed:

Photocopy of recent payslip.

If payslip is not available, please provide a letter from your employer stating gross monthly income

OR CPF statement showing the last 3 months’ contribution history

OR IR8A (for Year of Assessment 2018).



b) If you are unemployed or self-employed:

CPF statement showing the last 3 months’ contribution history.



Step 4

Submit the completed application form and supporting documents to ESU by the closing date, 19th April 2018, Thursday, 6.00pm.



Step 5

Nearer the date of your selected F3 run, you will receive a letter informing of your application outcome.



Please Note:

  1. In the event that any run is oversubscribed, a ballot will be conducted.
  2. Shortlisted members who did not get selected for your first choice will be allocated your second preferred choice and so on.
  3. Incomplete applications will not be processed and considered unsuccessful.
  4. By providing your personal particulars in this application form, you have given consent to ESU to contact you on your application outcome via call/sms/email.



For Enquiries:

o   Kindly refer to the Fact Sheet here.

o   Please contact us at 6872 1148 (operating hours are mon-fri except wed: 9am to 6pm; wed: 9am to 7pm. Lunchtime is 12.30pm to 1.30pm.)