ESU Membership Benefits

Not sure what are your benefits as an NTUC member? Read on to find out! 

We have categorised our main benefits under 4 different ‘P’s – Progression, Protection, Placement and Privileges.

Please see below infographic for a quick summary of ESU benefits (rotate your phone for a better view).

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  • Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP)

As an NTUC Member, you are entitled to $250 yearly training benefits to subsidise personal training under the UTAP programme. There is a comprehensive list of more than 5,300 courses including programming, cybercsecurity, communication, writing and other life skills that you can access here.

UTAP has been enhanced for union members from 40 years and above get a further boost to upskill, with higher course fee subsidy, capped at $500 per qualifying member per year. This will be available for courses attended between 1 Jul 2020 and 31 December 2022.


  • Workplace Advisory

If you have any questions that you would to raise regarding employment-related matters, you may contact the union and we will address any concerns you may have. You may also approach us as a union member if you are experiencing any employment-related issues with your current employer and the union will seek to assist you.


NTUC GIFT is a group insurance policy exclusively for members of NTUC affiliated unions/associations. All union members who are below 65 years old are automatically covered against death and total/partial & permanent disability of up to S$40,000. Union members’ spouses below 65 years old are also covered against death and total & permanent disability. Eligible members aged 65 years and above may opt for extension of coverage with payment of a token fee. The token fee has been waived until 2022. 

Eligibility Criteria

Members who:

–       are 16 to 65 years of age (include spouses below the age of 65, i.e. before their 65th birthday)

–       Date Joined Union must be at least 6 continuous months at point of application


Please refer to the brochure for the detailed payout.

NTUC GIFT Brochure (English)

NTUC GIFT Brochure (Chinese)


If you would like to claim for NTUC GIFT, please head over to the ESU Forms page where you can download the relevant claims form.


  • Free legal clinics

With our lifelong commitment to support our members, NTUC partners with the Law Society of Singapore to organise monthly legal clinics where we have various lawyers providing consultations on a pro bono basis where they give advice on matters excluding employment-related ones. This comes complimentary for ALL union members.



To help working people achieve gainful employment, ESU is working with organisations such as e2i. 



Enjoy discounts with NTUC Social Enterprises such as FairPrice, NTUC First Campus, FoodFare, NTUC Health and more! Apart from these, enjoy specially curated privileges from merchants such as Snow City, StarHub, Singapore Cable Car, Sentosa, Wild Wild Wet and etc.

Click here to visit the NTUC Membership webpage for a comprehensive list of benefits you can enjoy as an NTUC member. This include dining, entertainment, leisure and travel packages which are all curated specially for our members. 

You may also download the MyNTUC app from the iOS App store or Google Play store to view the most updated list of membership benefits, events and offerings from our extensive list of partners.


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